The Group-Office roadmap 2018

In this post we want to give you an update about the roadmap for Group-Office. Some time ago we announced the development of version 7.0. Version 7.0 was going to be a full rewrite with a completely new PHP backend and a new responsive web interface to replace the current ExtJS interface. We we’re working on this for about 3 years aside the regular Group-Office 6 development and tailor made modules we produce.

Despite that the development resulted in a very nice piece of software, we’re not going ahead with it. The current Group-Office is so feature rich that it was probably going to take another 3 years to completely replace it. Mainly because we’re a small team that’s also doing lots of tailor made modules 50% of the time.
So we decided to make a big change in the path that lies ahead. Group-Office 7.0 was a great learning experience and was packed with very good ideas. We’re going to take these ideas and incorporate them into Group-Office 6 more gradually. So it will slowly transition into what Group-Office 7 was meant to be. A responsive Group-Office with a more intuitive interface.

We think it will be better for our existing customers that can be migrated gradually and they will see new features coming in real soon!

We will start with rewriting the backend. We’ll use a standard protocol called JMAP ( to support new clients in the future. That’s actually already near completion.
We will then start improving the current ExtJS based interface to work better on mobile devices and also make it more intuitive on the desktop.
Then we will start with redesigning each module one by one. You can keep track of our progress on our roadmap page:


  • Anonymous
    November 10, 2017 at 11:34

    Any chance to get a test install tarball?

  • deependhulla
    November 20, 2017 at 12:59

    Your Roadmap is great , Looking forward to it.
    lets us know , we can be your beta teaser for same.

    Good Luck
    Thanks in Advance.

  • StockAim
    December 18, 2017 at 07:24

    What ever happened to the Angular project? Back then I did an implementation of GO ~ circa version 6.1.
    I had to rewrite so much of your code to make it fit my requirements, came out great at the end but it wasn't a pleasure. But even out of the box it wasn't very reliable and the server side is humongous, a serious bug could literally drive a business out of business. The backend is so not "Open Source", but I guess it wasn't meant to be (im not talking about IonCube). Although I learned a lot, managed to build my own jnpl module (self signed) that felt great.

    I used to adore GO but the world has moved on too much, IMAP, MySql and WebDav are out of fashion.
    Id suggest you try to work on phone integration (3CX style), when someone calls show directly the contact details on the screen, (The new Polycom firmware makes this very easy). Maybe throw in some sort of AI like then you'll make it big. But the interface needs work (it's great, I love having as much info in 1 screen as possible but most people dont) You have to make it flow intuitively and the less data in one window the better. Look at Win 10, Azure or Exchange, I hate the metro UI too but it sells.

  • Merijn
    December 18, 2017 at 08:50


    The Angular project was Group-Office 7.0 which we've abandonded like described in the post.
    We're about to release 6.3 which has a new interface and will be touch friendly too.

    I don't understand why you feel the backend is not open source. The code is out there on sourceforge. I do agree that the backend needs work and that's exactly what we're working on now.
    I hope you'll like the new versions coming soon!

  • Anonymous
    January 12, 2018 at 11:01


    I don't understand why you would abandon a project based on modern technologies and standards that are used world wide for a project with old components and poorly supported technologies.

    Unless to project was running behind schedule and you needed to do something fast to stop the loss of customers. Even in that situation you choose short term over the long term, I do not see group-office being successful with the current roadmap.

    What is the state of the angular project, will it ever be completed or is it dead?

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