Folder Permissions in GO v6.1

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Folder Permissions in GO v6.1

Postby lurdsammie » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:26 pm

Hello there,

Wonder if anybody can help me out.
Just installed the community edition of GO. Seems to be just what I am looking for.
I am however stuck on creating folders and assigning the appropriate permissions to users.

I am a freelancer and work with about 3 agencies and my accountant. obviously like to keep it private both in real life and online.

So created 3 folders using the site admin account. Agency A Folder, Agency B Folder and Agency C Folder and Accountant Folder. I have also created the corresponding groups: Agency A Staff, Agency B Staff Agency C Staff. Each of the groups has 'Use' Permission for files. I can seem to be able to apply any other permission level. I have subsequently shared the folders and applied the groups to their corresponding folders.

However when I test the users although they can see the correct shared folders and any content it appears the permission is applied as Read Only and therefore unable to create any files or folder here. I cannot seem to find anyway to apply any other permission to the folders.

Can anyone help. I would like the staff to be able to create sub-folders and files in the allocated Agency folder.

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Re: Folder Permissions in GO v6.1

Postby rasos » Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:34 am

You need to apply "Manage" rights to folders, so that members of groups assigned to the shared folder can create or delete sub-folders.

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