When are we going to see calendar bugs being busted

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When are we going to see calendar bugs being busted

Postby ttimalsina » Tue May 03, 2005 9:10 am

Hello Developers,

There are few known bugs on Calendar Module. I am trying my best to sort them out.

1. After inviting an invitee, one can not delete the invitee ( That option is not implemented yet)
2. If one tries to resend the invitation, the invitee gets added twice on the invitee list.
3. Recurrent events has several bugs. Haven't fully tested yet in order to give you a quick list.

4. If One views the invited event on his/her calendar but he/she does not own the event, clicking on event shows the event description with accept/decline buttons and the close button. Once the invitee clicks on accept/decline button for that event and tries to close the event, the window does not get closed.

(FYI: if he/she clicks on close button without clinking on accept/decline button, the window gets closed)

5. When I tried to print the calendar for May, it only printed for till May 29th. It missed two days??

If I find more on it I will post it here.

I am hoping to have some of these bugs being fixed before we officially release other version.

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Postby mschering » Tue May 03, 2005 9:33 pm

Please post those bugs on the Sourceforge bug tracker.
Best regards,

Merijn Schering

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