Encoded data is shorter than expected

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Encoded data is shorter than expected

Postby mohannad » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:35 am

I have installed group-office Server with last version PHP7.2.
i added to Debian GO repository sixtwo-php-7.1 main
then I have tried to login to admin mail but message box appear to enter the password for imap user
i entered admin password but error message come :

"Encoded data is shorter than expected"

Thanks for your help

[admin] EXCEPTION: Defuse\Crypto\Exception\BadFormatException: Encoded data is shorter than expected. in /usr/share/groupoffice/vendor/defuse/php-encryption/src/Encoding.php:226
[admin] Stack trace:
[admin] #0 /usr/share/groupoffice/vendor/defuse/php-encryption/src/Key.php(49): Defuse\Crypto\Encoding::loadBytesFromChecksummedAsciiSafeString('\xDE\xF0\x00\x00', '')
[admin] #1 /usr/share/groupoffice/go/base/util/Crypt.php(129): Defuse\Crypto\Key::loadFromAsciiSafeString('')
[admin] #2 /usr/share/groupoffice/go/base/util/Crypt.php(68): GO\Base\Util\Crypt::getKey()
[admin] #3 /usr/share/groupoffice/modules/email/model/Account.php(169): GO\Base\Util\Crypt::encrypt('admin')
[admin] #4 /usr/share/groupoffice/go/base/db/ActiveRecord.php(3262): GO\Email\Model\Account->beforeSave()
[admin] #5 /usr/share/groupoffice/modules/email/controller/AccountController.php(588): GO\Base\Db\ActiveRecord->save()
[admin] #6 /usr/share/groupoffice/go/base/controller/AbstractController.php(523): GO\Email\Controller\AccountController->actionSavePassword(Array)
[admin] #7 /usr/share/groupoffice/go/base/controller/AbstractController.php(434): GO\Base\Controller\AbstractController->callActionMethod('actionsavepassw...', Array)
[admin] #8 /usr/share/groupoffice/go/base/Router.php(182): GO\Base\Controller\AbstractController->run('savepassword', Array)
[admin] #9 /usr/share/groupoffice/index.php(82): GO\Base\Router->runController()
[admin] #10 {main}
[admin] Script running at [shutdown] for 0.010552883148193ms
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Re: Encoded data is shorter than expected

Postby mschering » Thu May 03, 2018 2:09 pm

You can fix this by changing the file owner of the encryption key:

chown www-data:www-data defuse-crypto.txt
Best regards,

Merijn Schering

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