preventing duplicate events on shared calendar

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preventing duplicate events on shared calendar

Postby rceit » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:55 pm

Hello All!

I could use some help with shared calendar.

here is what I am trying to do:

I have 6 staff who see new clients several days a week They are seen
on rotation meaning 6 clients come in and the first is assigned to staff1, the second to staff 2, etc.

The time slots are at 9; 10:30; noon; and 2

I have changed the default time slot on the group calendar (SharedCal) to 15 min.

That way our referring sources can schedule the 6 folks in each assessment
block (showing 1 appt per 15 min slot).

Here is my problem: agent 1 sets appt for 9:00
agent 2 sets appointment for 9 (agent 2 cannot see the appointment made by agent 1
This is compounded by the other 4 agents. now we have

I need to prevent multiple appointments in same 15 min block,
I need a way for agent2,3,4, etc. to see filled slots already assigned.

I read there was a feature called "Check availability" but I think that is for reservations of rooms/resources only

Can anyone help?

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