Community Edition : Newletter bug (and my fix)

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Community Edition : Newletter bug (and my fix)

Postby pictux » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:54 am

i'm using Community Edition version (actually 3.6.17).
First of all, thanks for all the additions done in release 3.6.5.

I've tried to use NewsLetter module, but pressing "Send" button, appears this message:
There was an unexpected problem building the email: Database error: Could not prepare statement SQL: INSERT INTO ml_sendmailing_contacts SELECT DISTINCT ?, contact_id FROM ml_mailing_contacts c INNER JOIN ab_contacts a ON ( WHERE group_id=? AND email_allowed='1' AND email!='' types:ii params: array ( 0 => 4, 1 => '1', )
MySQL Error: 1052 (Column 'group_id' in where clause is ambiguous)

I've solved myself that error/bug.

I've edited :
<group-office install dir>/modules/mailings/classes/
at line 386, changed this:
"WHERE group_id=? AND email_allowed='1' AND email!=''";
"WHERE c.group_id=? AND email_allowed='1' AND email!=''";

Now NewsLetter works perfectly.
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Re: Community Edition : Newletter bug (and my fix)

Postby mschering » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:39 am

There shouldn't be a group_id column in the ab_contacts table. Removing that would also fix it.
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Merijn Schering

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