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Documentation Needs

Postby JHS » Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:41 pm

I guess this falls into this forum area?

I appreciate the excellent efforts that have gone into the development of this very important system. I'm looking to use it strictly for the Calendar function to replace our old Office Tracker software. But I do find that the documentation is... severely lacking. Things are not well described, and steps by step for setup/install is just not there. For example, I think it would be essential for there to be a line by line document describing with detail, the function of each config.php setting so that we can understand the full purpose and effect each of those items has.

I see in the 3.7.52 version I am use, under Calendar -> Administration (logged in as admin), a tab for "Categories", "Resource Groups", 'Resources". I have found some documentation about RG and R, but no mention at all of the function/purpose that the Categories tab really plays. Blindly trying to sort out what its good for is.. a pain.

I think it would be excellent if there were perhaps a couple of documents to assist admins.
1 - The line by line config.php info as mentioned
2 - Step by step install that tells you how to implement ldap authentication (I posted this in the General forum from my trial/error experiences)
3 - Step by Step sample for setting up a 5-user calendar where each user sees the other user's calendars as the first view when they log in
4 - Step by Step sample for setting up a 10-user calendar with two different groupings (one with 6 staff in the view, one with 4), and the one with the 4 users is the first view shown by default

That's a few thoughts off the top of my head. If I had help with such things, I would be happy to then document the process to post/contribute to any Wiki here.
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Re: Documentation Needs

Postby mschering » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:26 am

Sorry, you're absolutely right, but at the moment the wiki is all we have. We will be working on more docs for version 4.0 soon.
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