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Migration from linux to windows. Reload page is nedded to make login

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:53 am
by ajaboa
Hi, I found this bug when I tried to migrate my server from linux to windows.

I was in the login page then fill user information and make login, the page don't make the login only after you reload the page. So a few hours after I found a little bug in go/base/view/FileView.php when the render method calls the findViewFile function it will try to find views/Extjs3/login.php with the whole "login" word in uppercase, if you're in linux enviroment that's not a problem because that file doesn't exist (But there is a file named "Login" with L uppercase).

So reminding that linux is case sensitive it can't found the file so they use Default.php which calls the Json parse after a few steps.. bla bla... and finally you got your JSON response. Otherwise if you're in windows "Login" and "login" is the same thing, so the render method used this file instead of de Default file. The result is that at the final response you get a rendered html page and not the JSON which the loading page is waiting for.

Temporaly I fix it adding this code at the top of the findViewFile function (go/base/view/FileView):
if($viewName == "login"){
return false;

And now is working... I know that aren't offering support for windows as the GroupOffice server but I posted this here in case someone else got the same error.