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Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:46 pm
by mcac1000
we've installed GroupOffice. It looks very nice. Only one problem we have. On our hoster we have no root access for our managed server. We can configure a CronJob in a special interface with path to (shell-)script and the inervals.
So we cannot type:
* * * * * www-data php /www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/go/groupofficecli.php -c=/www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/go/config.php -r=core/cron/run -q > /dev/null
We have generate a special php-file with this "system"-command:
]env -i /usr/local/bin/php5-56STABLE-CLI -c /www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/cron/php.ini -f /www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/go/groupofficecli.php --c=/www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/config.php --r=core/cron/run > /dev/null
There is no error or other message (also when I type it in console).

1. How can I check, that the CronJob was running successful? Any DB-Entries or other?
2. Is there an another possibility to run the cronjob? For example run some other script separatly for there own tasks?

I System-Tasks-Adminitsration I got the error "The main cron job doesn't appear to be running. Please add a cron job: * * * * * www-data php /www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/go/groupofficecli.php -c=/www/XXXXXX/path/to/groupoffice/go/config.php -r=core/cron/run -q > /dev/null" when I refresh the view.

Thanks a lot...