Installation errors esp. libwbxml

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Installation errors esp. libwbxml

Postby keineus » Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:17 pm

Hi all,

I've just bought the server groupoffice edition, because I want to use the sync and project option.
I contacted my provider/hoster to declare if the requirements for groupoffice are available.
They told me everything is installed expecting tnef, but I think this isn't necessary, so I started the installation process...anyhow these are the error logs:

Magic quotes setting : Warning: magic_quotes_gpc is enabled. You will get better performance if you disable this setting.
URL fopen : Warning: allow_url_fopen is disabled in php.ini. RSS feeds on the start page will not work.
Error logging : Warning: PHP error logging is disabled in php.ini. It's recommended that this feature is enabled in a production environment.
libwbxml : Warning: libwbxml2 is not installed. Synchronization will not work!
ZIP Compression : Warning: zip is not installed or not executable.
TNEF : Warning: tnef is not installed or not executable. you can't view winmail.dat attachments in the email module.
Professional license : Warning: Could not determine if your license file works properly. Probably becuase URL file-access is disabled in your server configuration. This is not really a problem but you should check it manually now. Click here to check it. The output from the server was:

I checked the php config on the server and libxml2 is definitely installed. Do you have any suggestions or solutions?
Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Installation errors esp. libwbxml

Postby ael » Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:28 pm


libwbxml <> libxml, it's not the same library. You might want to contact your hosting provider to ask them to install this library.
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Re: Installation errors esp. libwbxml

Postby keineus » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:04 pm

Hi all,
well I've just installed libwbxml on the server and the error message doesn't appear, but there's another problem. I use funambol for outlook sync, within funambol I entered the correct sync.php path...but funambal says, can't recognize remote name. But it's quite the shown name.
Do I have to activate a special unit?!


EDIT: PROBLEM IS SOLVED. Our company firewall has blocked the funambol client.

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