Show all notes where a user has access too!

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Show all notes where a user has access too!

Postby angelodi » Fri Feb 11, 2005 7:54 am


why a user can see just the notes in the notes modul where he is the owner?

I think it is a more better workflow if a user can see all notes which he has access to, so he can fast see whether any note e.g. within a project has changed and what happens with the project he has access for.

At this time, a user has no chance to see that something has changed within a project if noone informs him e.g. like manualy creating an email.

Also the project overview page should at least shown the "changed" date with the possibility to sort with changed date. So this would another help to fast see where was a change.

At this time.....a user who is not owner of a note, has no chance to see in which project has anything changed.....:(

Regards Angelo

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