select email address used for addresslists and newsletters

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select email address used for addresslists and newsletters

Postby Martin_M » Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:55 am

Hi GO-Team,

within the last months several contacts asked us to send our newsletters to an additional emailaddress or to an emailaddress different from their main (primary) emailaddress. Same cases were observed relating to mails sent through the e-mail module using addresslists.
It would be fine to have some checkboxes beside the e-mail 1,2,3 fields in the contact mask which flag a contacts emailaddress to be used for newsletters/addresslists.
Expected behaviour in Group-Office:
  1. newsletters are sent to all contact's emailaddresses with set flag
  2. selecting an addresslist in the e-mail module will add every checked emailaddress to e-mail recipients field
Perhaps there are other GO-users meeting the same challenge.


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