Addressbook sync with external CRM

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Addressbook sync with external CRM

Postby piotrho » Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:26 am


I would like to provide GO to our sell forces which work outside the company, but we already have CRM and so far must use it.
I would like to sync GO addressbook with our CRM, and be sure that all tasks, calendar items, notes and so on will not be lost when I upload new data into the GO addressbook.

So this feature should work as follows:
- export addressbook from CRM to CSV
- for COPANY, in GO import addressbook with one field marked as COMPANY-ID
- if company with this COMAPNY-ID exists in GO, company is updated with all data
- if company does not exist in GO will be add to addressbook
Same story about Contacts
- contact has USER-ID , story as above

Could also have COMPANY-ID which would allow you to match USER to COMPANY

Additionally while importing addressbook I got a message that some items were not imported because Company Name was longer than 100 characters. Could you provide me way to fix it (Alter on DB ?)


Piotr Holubniak

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