Context Menu bei Files in Addressbook

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Context Menu bei Files in Addressbook

Postby don » Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:51 am


I really like the context menu in the Addressbook modul. Still I'm missing some more small features, which could make the things easier again:
1. There is in the Addressbook-Template an option to define a user specific salutation which depends whether the person is male or female. Why is this option not implemented in the other tabs (Mail-/Doc-Templates and Addresslists)?
2. I would appreciate, if I could predefine in the template tab the header of the email or the file-name and also filled with user specific entries in {}-brackets.
3. In the File-Tab: Similar to "Komprimieren/ZIP" there should be a feature to create "PDFs". I requested this 4 years ago, but it is still not implemented. Maybe we are the only one, who could use this...
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