GO v4 - Calendar, Hours listed format

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GO v4 - Calendar, Hours listed format

Postby JHS » Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:21 pm

We would love to be able to configure in the Admin settings, the time range shown.

Perhaps the best arrangement could be something like this
[ ] View every hour of every day?
[ ] Only show a set range of hours starting from (drop down box select) to (drop down box select). ** Note, hours not shown will be viewable by clicking on a "earlier" and "later" page forward button.

This way you could customize your day display to show only (for example) 7am through to 7pm, or the entire 12am to 11:59pm. For us, and I'd bet for others, there isn't a need to see 12am to 7am slots, or late night time slots. Perhaps it could even be a per-user setting, but with the default starting setting defined by the Admin.

That's all.

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