Migrate object ownership when a user is 'removed'

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Migrate object ownership when a user is 'removed'

Postby zsolt » Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:06 am

Never tried it, but this wiki (http://wiki4.group-office.com/wiki/User ... ermissions) says that objects like addressbook records, projects and so on were associated (bound) with users in such way they'll be irreversible removed too when the owner (user) is being deleted from the system.. In my point of view this points to the fact that it overcomplicates managing 'project-task manager'-like permission types.
Lets see an example, there are 2 users responsible for set up projects and tasks for in-office divisions. Let user A_1 give tasks for the 'Designer' team while user A_2 do the same for the 'programmers'. They both set up projects for the works they doing at the moment, linking all the stuff (file, mail, tasks.. ect). Everything goes fine until A_1 or A_2 decides to became a sheep herder instead of sitting front of a monitor all day so the 'prime admin' get a request to remove that guy -> bamm, all data gone.. I see the scope behind this logic but force 'project-task manager' users to switch to an administrative account (i really want to avoid that) every time they create a new project node or something makes the whole process less accurate.
How about such functionality that would let admin user(s) to 'migrate' object ownership (project, address book records.. ect) to an other user at the time some co-worker being 'deleted' from the system?

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