using Workflow with tasks..

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using Workflow with tasks..

Postby zsolt » Thu May 09, 2013 11:11 am

So i had chance to see the Workflow module in action, and i got some questions / suggestions about it.

Basically when i set up a workflow for a task, a reminder will be generated (optionally) for the people needed to approve it, and further reminders will be generated if the workflow runs over due time limits. Its fine, but i miss the 'flow' between approvers and the rest..
For example:
- user A creates a workflow
- user A creates a task for user B and add the workflow for it
* user A get a reminder about the approval
- user B sees the task and do the work (add some files, comments, links.. ect), after a point when he/she is done, he/she set to task to 'completed'
Now the task goes to the completed section of B's task list and A got an approval reminder hanging in the air (if he/she not dismissed it already).. So even user A declines the workflow step on B's task, how would B know about it? The task is already completed, should everybody forced to 'check' back continuously on completed tasks, i dont think so. And how A get information about item changes with workflows require approve by him/her? And in general, why Workflows are so strict with due times, those may vary.. I mean there could be several tasks fit for a workflow (template) while each got its own deadline..

The whole process should be more 'interactive' with more reminders and with some more GUI elements in my opinion. So my suggestions are:
- Add a 'Request Approval' button for Tasks if there is a Workflow attached for them.
- Add a graphical representation for the workflow approval requirement for a task in the task grid.. something similar to the red exclamation mark for the high priority tasks. so if someone is an approver, he/she would see if there is an approval request for a task he/she is responsible for.
- Dont allow a task to set completed unless every step on the workflow attached to it are approved.
- Make a reminder / email for the 'task owner' if a step in the workflow attached to the task is approved or declined.

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