JsonStore error (mailbox)

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JsonStore error (mailbox)

Postby spysz » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:05 pm

Hi all!

From today or maybe from yesterday one of my mailbox does not want to work!

When I "click" on INBOX folder I alwyas get this message:

An error occurred on the webserver. Contact your system administrator and supply the detailed error.
JsonStore load exception occurred

Without any detail. What is odd the folder Sent or Trash works perfectly... It just happen suddenly... and no idea why. I checked all the log files on mail server but without any problem. Also I checked this e-mail account on different webmail (roundcube) and works!

What I have done so far:
1) Update GO to the latest version 5.0.63 (previous version 5.0.55)
2) Upgrade PHP to 5.5.12 (before that I had 5.5.10)
3) Check database
4) checked all logs from GO (in config file I turn on debug mode) - I did not get any useful information
5) ??? what I should do?

Question: How to force GO to display any details about this errors?
php.ini ? display_errors is On

It just happen. I do not know why! :-(

I forgot! GO login into account correctly, the only problem is show content in INBOX. Nothing more.

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Re: JsonStore error (mailbox)

Postby richarddodd » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:24 am

When you get the JsonStore error - it means that what was returned wasn't json. If you have debug='true' in /etc/groupoffice/config.php, it will probably contain the error message, so if you create the error when you have (firebug/chrome dev tools/ie dev tools) open, you can look at the specific ajax call and see if there is anything in the response.

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