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Pro Version Add-ins

Postby DanEvans » Wed Mar 02, 2005 5:16 pm

I did this in the 2.10 community version but can't find the right hooks in the 2.11 Pro version: I've created a custom module for our GO install and want to use a specific GIF to represent the module.

The module installs and runs fine under Pro, but it uses the generic red button with a "?". I've dropped the desired GIF into all of the /images dir's under each of the themes dir's, but that isn't enough.

Where and how do I specify the image to use for this module?

Second issue: under 2.10 we created a small hook in GO's configuration/index.php to let the user change their password (we're using e-mail authentication in a Linux/Postfix/UW-IMAP environment). It involved adding code for the task in index.php as well as for a new tab, plus a separate .inc for the interface.

Can I somehow incorporate this in 2.11 Pro without getting the unencrypted code?

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