Changing Default Field

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Changing Default Field

Postby grooff » Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:32 pm

There current default field of Group Office is quite inefficient, for example, the "City, Zipcode, Department, Function", many of my contact share the same information for these field, it would be good if I can use the "Country" drop down list for these field.

Alternatively an accumulative recommend (existing) data, for example, after filling the department, "Admin", the next time I type, "ad", "adm", or "admi", it would pop up suggesting, "Admin", rather have than to repetitively type it again and again.

I understand this area is the General Help and not Feature Request so all that information above can be ignore, I just curious if I can change the default field such as, "City" to have drop down list like the Country field.

Thank you.

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