JSON encoding error

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JSON encoding error

Postby rasimp » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:56 am


discovered a Exception with message 'JSON encoding error' when i try to open my mail inbox.

Code: Select all

[rs] INBOX
[rs] GO\Email\Model\ImapMailbox:array (
[rs]   'name' => 'INBOX',
[rs] )
[rs] EXCEPTION: exception 'Exception' with message 'JSON encoding error' in /var/www/office/htdocs-6.1.106/views/Extjs3/Default.php:6
[rs] Stack trace:
[rs] #0 /var/www/office/htdocs-6.1.106/go/base/view/FileView.php(46): require()
[rs] #1 /var/www/office/htdocs-6.1.106/go/base/controller/AbstractController.php(280): GO\Base\View\FileView->render('store', Array)
[rs] #2 /var/www/office/htdocs-6.1.106/go/base/controller/AbstractController.php(435): GO\Base\Controller\AbstractController->render('store', Array)
[rs] #3 /var/www/office/htdocs-6.1.106/go/base/Router.php(159): GO\Base\Controller\AbstractController->run('store', Array)
[rs] #4 /var/www/office/htdocs-6.1.106/index.php(82): GO\Base\Router->runController()
[rs] #5 {main}
[rs] Script running at [shutdown] for 1474273410.4678ms
After some research and looking into the json_encode-data by debugging in /views/Extjs3/Default.php I have seen a email with Chineese (I think it is, also it might be spam) subject.

When I delete the message from maildir (Linux, Dovecot) the Inbox shows correctly.

I will attach the mail generated this JSON exception.

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