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User "admin" exceeds storage limit (and uses more storage than the server has)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:15 am
by FM
Hey out there!

I'm running GO version: 6.2.59 on Debian 8.9. GO says the admin user exceeds his file quota (55724% (1114479.83 of 2000MB)
) but he actually has very less used on the filesystem:

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root@server:/home/govhosts/ du -sh data/users/admin/
16K	data/users/admin/

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root@server:/home/govhosts/ du -sh .
269M	.

GO info page says:
Files: 267,2 M
Database: 922,6 M
E-Mail: 4,0 G
All: 5,2 G
I also tried running all tool scripts (checkDatabase, ...), but this doesn't solve the issue . SyncFilesystem runs for ages and seems to never finish (my ssh connection mostly breaks after some hours of running).

Have you any idea how i could fix this? Or what i could try? :-)