email receipent ignored / changed

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email receipent ignored / changed

Postby kirkox » Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:40 pm

I have newly installed Groupoffice 6.3.63.
On user account A I have configured two email-accounts (A1 -> email address of user A, A2). When I want to send an email from either one of the email-accounts, the receipent address is alway changed to A1. In the create-email window it is still the original address, but in the sent folder the email address of A1 is shown (and its also received there).
If I send an email from user account B with email account B1, the same happens. In the sent folder the email is shown with email receipent A1 and also received there.
The original address is somehow changed to this specific address.
Any ideas on what this might cause or how and where I can switch on logging?

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