display name in address book under contacts

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display name in address book under contacts

Postby hosting@indiannic.com » Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:13 pm


We created a few global address book.

In the address book of both outlook and thunderbird first name, last name and display name fields are available and clients consider it a defacto standard.

However we do not find the "Display Name" field in the admin interface of groupoffice under address book contacts.

Is it possible to add a custom field called "Display Name" and the same be synchronized with outlook and thunderbird "Display Name" field ?

Most of our clients uses outllook (or thunderbird) and they are finding it a problem because when they add the address book via outlookcaldavsynchronizer the "Display Name" in outlook combines the "first name, last name and the email id" and displays the same under "Display Name".

Help required urgently please


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