Bug - Admin VIEW permissions not what User has

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Bug - Admin VIEW permissions not what User has

Postby JHS » Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:05 pm


Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but here is this issue.
Under the GO Admin user, I created some Views (for example "Staff"). I set the permission for each view to Read Only for the Everyone group.
I should then see the "Staff" view under the users who log in. I don't see them all. Some appear, some do not, even though they are with the same simple configuration settings. More troubling, if I as a user click on my Administration button, click on the Views tab, I find that I can then double-click on the Views created by Admin, and change who is in that view.

That shouldn't be.

When I then look at the Permissions tab for that View ('Staff"), it shows the Everyone group has Write/Delete permissions!

Why is the Administrator configuration being ignored/changed to a different permission set for the user?
Why is the User not able to see ALL views created by the Administrator when the views are all set as Read Only

This is version 3.7.55

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