MySQL error 1271 illegal mix

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MySQL error 1271 illegal mix

Postby MavisS2 » Thu May 08, 2014 6:16 pm


I created module to GO and I have a problem with search bar. When I try search on polish char (ł,ę,ą), then gets this error "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1271 Illegal mix of collations for operation 'like'"

My code search tool:

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config.tbar = new Ext.Toolbar({
        items: [
            GO.lang.strSearch + ':',
            new GO.form.SearchField({
and my code where i add to criteria my query string with polish char

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$query = $params['query'];
            $storeParamsUsers = new GO_Base_Db_FindParams();
            $storeParamsUsers->getCriteria()->addSearchCondition('first_name', $query, false, false, true);
            $storeParamsUsers->getCriteria()->addSearchCondition('last_name', $query, false, false, true);
            $storeUsers = GO_Timework_Model_User::model()->find($storeParamsUsers);
Someone can help me? I don't know why this hapend.


Ok, I know why this hapend. When I use actionStore from GO_Base_Controller_AbstractModelController my field date (type timestamp) is use to search on query and this call error.

My new question is how excluded my date field from search?


Ok i'm find solution. In override function beforeStoreStatement in Controller i must call

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$storeParams->searchFields(array('title', 'description'));
Then search only in this fields.

I don't delete post, because someone need this :)

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