Changes in the Filesystem Module

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Changes in the Filesystem Module

Postby ComSubVie » Tue May 04, 2004 5:52 pm

Regarding Filesystem-Quota when uploading/copying/moving files per Webinterface, I've done a few changes:
  • I've added $GO_CONFIG->user_quota, which should have the maximum disk space a user could use (at the moment in kB, maybe we should change it to bytes?).
  • The of the filesystem checks if this global variable is 0, and if it is not, then it checks how much free disk space the user has and displays this value.
  • In the filesystem class I've added a global variable action_result, which is set by copy() and stores an error message if the function was not able to copy the file, so the upload/copy/whatever which calls copy() can access the reason why it can't copy the file, and therefore inform the user. The function copy() also checks GO_CONFIG->user_quota and disallows the copy operation when there is not enough space available.
  • The error messages which are in action_result should be translated.
  • action_result should also be set by move() and other functions
  • the interface should check action_result if a function fails. currently only implemented in upload function.

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