Attach to delete event (Calendar)

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Attach to delete event (Calendar)

Postby star0815 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:01 pm


I have some issues when attaching to the "delete" event in Calendar module. Attaching to "store" or "submit" events works fine.

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public static function initListeners() 
	$c = new \GO\Calendar\Controller\EventController();
        $c->addListener('submit', 'GO\Myhooks\MyhooksModule', 'submit');
        $c->addListener('delete', 'GO\Myhooks\MyhooksModule', 'delete');

Code: Select all

public static function delete()
        \GO::debug("MYHOOKS delete...");
Debug output doesn't show any custom listener fireing for "delete":
[aa] Controller route r=calendar/event/store
[aa] Firing listener for class GO-Calendar-Controller-EventController event store: GO\Myhooks\MyhooksModule::store
[aa] Script running at [shutdown] for 0.026524066925049ms
[aa] --------------------
[aa] Controller route r=calendar/event/delete
[aa] Script running at [shutdown] for 0.032601118087769ms
[aa] --------------------
Is it even possible to attach a listener?

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