((Very) very) small template function

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((Very) very) small template function

Postby jamesarthur » Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:17 pm

I made a little template function :). It does simple text replacement of {foo} with bar if $params contains 'foo' => 'bar'.

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     * Simple quick and dirty templating system, required new-ish php (for closure)
     * @param String $template The template with tags like {this}
     * @param array $params The strings to replace and their replacements
     * @return String the compiled template
    private static function renderTpl($template, $params) {
        return preg_replace_callback('/\{(\w+)\}/', function($matches) use ($params) {
            if(array_key_exists($matches[1], $params)) {
                return $params[$matches[1]];
            } else {
                return '';
        }, $template);

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