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RFC: Forum

Postby ComSubVie » Sat May 08, 2004 9:30 pm

Before we start implementing the forum, we should decide which features we need, so I hope I get some comments here. Things marked with tgm are features that may not be needed by others, but we definitly need them here.
  • The integrated user- and groupmanagment and therefore the access-list-system should be used by the forum.
  • it should be fully integrated in group-office. so it should be possible to create a thread for each object inside group-office (file, event, note, maybe even email)
  • Each user should only see the forums where he has read-access to. Read- and write-access must not be the same. Additional it may be neccessary that we have a forum where the user has no read-access, but there are some threads inside where he has access to. so the user should see forums where a thread exist to which he has read access.
  • to complete the above point: I think it is needed to have a forum where the permissions of the forum can be overridden by thread permissions. this may needed if we add a thread to any other GO-object, where we would like to give thread-specific read-&write-permissions.
  • Read- and write-permissions of subforums should be inheritable from the main forum, but it should be possible to overwrite them. the same applies for threads.
  • The main view of the forum should be a grouped display of the forums, that means that it should be possible to group forums that contain similar content. For example you could define the following groups: departments, company info and other information.
  • It should be possible to define subforums in each forum. For example this could be projects in the department.
  • There may be some information of general interest, so it should be possible for unauthorized people to have read-access to some forums. this may need an anonymous group-office user, who is logged in per default.
  • Maybe it is useful to define forums for other GO modules (e.g. for each project?) or are threads for each object enough?
  • It should be possible to define some people or groups as moderators for the forums, that are allowed to change/delete postings. (and maybe also change permissions)
  • It should not be possible to be able to edit a posting infinite times, so it may be senseful to deny editing after a specific time after the generation. This setting should be global but overwriteable in each forum.
  • To minimize spamming possibilities it should not be possible to create more than e.g. 2 postings/minute. This setting should be global but overwriteable in each forum.
  • It should be possible to import data from other forum software, e.g. phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, xoops, ...
  • for the creation of postings, it should support UBB codes, and it should also be possible to use htmlarea for this.
  • it should be possible to attach files. either directly, or as link to the filesystem
  • a search function
  • email notification if somebody creates a thread in a subscribed forum, or posts somethin in a subscribed thread.
  • tgm It should be possible to create the main structure of the forums (that means departments, classes, ...) automatically based on the LDAP groups and the class calender. The permissions should also generated this way.
  • tgm If the group structure changes new forums should be generated automatically, but existing forums may not be deleted automatically, instead there should be a list of deletable forums which the administrator/moderator must accept.
  • tgm If you change automatically generated permissions this must be stored somewhere (the same is for manually generated forums), so that these things will not be overwritten by the next integrity-check (between forum and group-structure)
  • tgm an NNTP interface
Group-Office Developer
Group-Office Developer
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Postby ComSubVie » Sun May 09, 2004 3:25 pm

  • New threads and/or postings should be displayed somewhere ("new postings" in forum, or in the summary module).
  • it should be possible to pin threads on top of the forum. this may be useful for FAQ's or important announcements.
  • maybe the ability to create polls inside a thread could be useful. this should be a seperate module which is linked to the thread.
  • users should be able to vote threads, so the thread could have some icons that say how interesting(good?) the thread is.
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Postby Adraeus » Wed Aug 11, 2004 8:46 pm

All of those things can be done with phpBB if you either a) setup a separate team to develop the hacks, b) find the right hacks at phpBB.com or phpBBhacks.com, or c) have the time to learn phpBB and modify it extensively.

By the way, you've written quite a bit. Do you think you can prefix each sentence with an emboldened one to two word descriptor? That would enhance the clarity of your message.

Perhaps categories of features too...
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Re: RFC: Forum

Postby bert2002 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:01 pm

How is it going on? :) I would be intrested in a forum modul for GO3.
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Re: RFC: Forum

Postby mschering » Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:49 am

Unfortunately, as you can see this thread is a bit outdated.

The best way to go is to integrate PHPBB3 and sync the users somehow.
Best regards,

Merijn Schering

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