BUG - New User Add puts someone elses name in

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BUG - New User Add puts someone elses name in

Postby JHS » Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:27 pm


This is a bug I've seen for a while with new user additions.

Our system ties GO to our Active Directory.
We add a new user by logging as as that new user for the first login.
Bug #1 (it seems to me) is that we get prompted by the browser first for the login, but then a second time by GO itself for the login
Any time you log in after that, we only get prompted for the login name/password once by the browser, not by GO anymore.
Why does GO stop and ask for the login that it would have already received from the browser for that first login?

Bug #2 When the user is added, GO assigns them the wrong name.
In our case, it always sets the display name for the new user as the last user in our database. So we have to fix this by
1. logging in as Admin,
2. going to Calendar Tab,
3. click Administration button,
4. find the user's calendar (displayed as the wrong name),
5. double click that user, and
6. on the Properties tab of that user change the "Name:" field to the correct name.
The "User:" field on that Properties tab does show the correct name though.

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