New go - templates for signatures with HTML/images

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New go - templates for signatures with HTML/images

Postby lucanet » Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:53 pm


In new GO, when you add a template, to use as a signature with an image (example: company logo), the icon to add an image is the last one in the toolbar, however its used quite a bit, as signatures with graphical logos are popular...

So even if the templates settings windows is set to a big width, user has to click on the 3 vertical dots, to find the option to add an image.

If you can, consider somehow moving the "add image icon" more to the left, so it appears by default, as is common in most programs (even in this forum or other systems that have HTML editors), users expect to see that little add image/mountain icon :)

Also, imho, would be cool if you could make a template default in the templates dialog. Seems now I have to set the template I want in account settings, compose a new email, choose it, then click on templates again and choose "make it default". Could have a checkbox "default" when adding/editing a template, in the templates dialog.

Finally, on my system at least, when you go to account settings to associate a template with an account, the pulldown menu is blank, I click on it, it shows "signature" (template created by me) and something like "---default user template", below signature. Strange, I think the idea was to add "--default user template" as a default value for the menu input, no?


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