Group-Office Professional 2.14 and Community 2.14 FINAL

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Group-Office Professional 2.14 and Community 2.14 FINAL

Postby mschering » Wed Nov 02, 2005 3:50 pm

The calendar and task views are much improved and it's now possible to attach files to projects, tasks, companies and contacts. Next to Outlook and Pocket PC 2003 Synchronization it's now also possible to synchronize your Nokia 9300 or Nokia 9500 phone.

A complete dutch manual has been released. Soon it will be translated into English.
We made some improvements on the administration side too. Administrators are really admins now. They have access to everything and they can create calendars easily for all users now.

A complete list of changes follows:

* Sharable calendar views
* The merged calendar view has a legend and colors per user are settable
* Admin can create all the user calendars at once with right permissions
* Todo templates for projects. When you create a project you can select a set of predefined todo's.
* Complete new development toolkit
* A whole new set of PHP classes designed to build Group-Office modules.
* These classes make it extremely easy to create standard controls in pages such as:
o Tab strips
o Sorted tables
o Treeview structures
o Activitity listings (Listing of related items)
o Button menu's
o Select dropdown lists
o Radio buttons
o Checkboxes
The classes make it possible to create pages without using a single line of HTML code.Pages will be programmed in pure PHP. Output of menu's, tables, tabstrips treeviews will always look and behave the same.
The following modules have been completely recoded:
o Filesystem
o Addresbook
o Todos
o Notes
o Projects
o Summary
o Calendar
The other modules have been made compatible with the new framework but need to be recoded someday.
* Admins are really admins now. They have access to all the users calendars, addressbooks etc. and can set up the permissions for them.
* Recurring todo's. Todo's are stored in the same way as appointments and can recur now.
* More controls over the todo sharing. They are shared in the same way calendars are shared.
* Files can be attached to projects
* Calendar and todo reminders are set for all calendar owners and participants
* Out of office. New cron job PHP script to set vacation files for Sendmail Postfix or other mail server that uses .forward files. The Out of office message can be set at the email configuration page.
* Calendar view is impoved. Overlapping events are now displayed next to eachother.
* You can remove or modify one appointment of a recurring event.

Group-Office Professional 2.14 is available for € 199,00 (Aproximately USD 256.00) at
Best regards,

Merijn Schering

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