Addressbook - SYNC mailing lists

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Addressbook - SYNC mailing lists

Postby brainbows » Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:19 pm


At the moment you can sync with various address books. The problem with that is, that if you have only one common address book with thousands of contacts, this won't help you, because you won't want and especially need so many contacts on your mobile device.

The reason why there is a common address book, is that everybody uses and is responsible for the same contacts, which I think happens in many companies - correct me, if you don't think so.

In my point of view, an extreme special feature would be the chance to have the choice between syncing adddressbooks or mailings-lists - I see them also as contact lists / useful for the workflow - and therefore be able to sync in a qualitative way only those contacts you or your team or your department needs on your/their mobile device.

Do you plan to add syncing mailing lists (as a second choice - not parallel syncing of course) into your next releases? In our case it would be The breakthrough argument for really everyone to use instantly the address book and therefore enhance the work-flow through group-office.

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Re: Addressbook - SYNC mailing lists

Postby brainbows » Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:09 pm

Would it be in general possible to include the sync of mailing lists? Is this feature in discussion?
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Re: Addressbook - SYNC mailing lists

Postby jmarti20 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:54 am

Hi all,

I want to reactivatethis thread, because it describes exactly the feature we need.
We have about 1700 contacts in our organization, splitted into 8 departments with 100-350 contacts each.
In each departement we have 8-20 groups with 10-30 contacts. We also have a mailinglist for each group.
Departements are strictly separated. So it is suitable to have one adressbook for each departement from the authorization point of view.
From the sync point of view, one person needs to have the contacts of one or two groups on his mobile.
We started to split the contacts of one (smaller one) departement into several addressbooks. One for each group. So we have now 12 adressbooks for this department, which can be synced separatly.
But, we identified some issues to go this way.
The same companys must be created redundantly in each addressbook, because the company is related to exactly one addressbook.
When a contact should be moved to another group, there has to be done two actions:
1. Move the contact to the other addressbook and
2. update the mailinglists.
Sometimes users will forget one of these actions and this will result in an inconsistency.
If we would go this way for the whole organization this would result in at least more than 100 addressbooks, what would cause some issues in the management of the access rights.

For us, the proposal described by brainbows would solve all of our issues.
We would have 8 addressbooks and 100 Mailinglists (each with contacts of only one departement).
Each user should choose which mailinglists he wants to sync.
All would be happy ;-))

Kind Regards
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Re: Addressbook - SYNC mailing lists

Postby GoAlways » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:23 am

As a solution to keep Contact's data in sync between all the various address books that a person or a department or company may use, what about this idea?

Many personal Address books as we do now, but also one global address book which would contain the details for each "Contact", then personal or department address books could have "Contact" details as either 1) "a personal Contact record", or 2) a link to the Contact's record in the global address book.


If a person (or department) in their own Address Book has a need to have different details for any specific "Contact", they can create and maintain a separate record.

If a person (or department) in their own Address Book wants to use a contact from the Global Address book, then they simply link to this Global Address book Contact record when selecting the “Add Contact” option. If they want to have the contact details changed for any give the Global Address book Contact record, they would need to request the change by asking the user who manages the Global Address book since this change would affect everyone.

A possible and easy way to do this would simply to add a new field in the ab_contacts table, called (for example) globalab_id, which if empty/NULL would indicate that this record is not a link but holds actual Contact data, and if it contains a value it is a link to the ab_contacts id of the Global Address book's record which the person (or department) wants to have in their own Address Book listing (of course a number of internal Group Office SQL queries would have to be changed as well as the Add/Edit Contact forms).

In fact this approach would work for linking to any contact in any other Address book that you have been given read access to, so you could selectively share Contacts from other people's address books and not have to see all their contacts. You may still want to be able to see other entire Address books but this would give us a way to select particular Contacts when required.

A safty feature would be that you cannot link to a link, only to a full Contact record.

I wonder if the above suggested change would 1) work, and 2) be accepted as a solution?

I would very much like to see a Global Address book as part of Group Office, and to be able to selectively link from your own address book to specific Contacts within the Global Address book would be of great advantage. I would also like to see all Users when added, to be automatically added to the Global Address book, possibly with a option to either display or not display their contact records into the Global Address book, just in case it is not appropriate for some people to display their contact details into the Global Address book?

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