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How old is Group-Office?

Version 4.0 was released in the beginning of 2012. The first Group-Office was released in 2003:

Where can I report a problem or bug?

If you think your problem is a bug in the software, report it at the Sourceforge bug tracker:

If you have a question or problem with your installation try the Group-Office forum:

How secure is Group-Office?

We've done as much as possible to make Group-Office secure:

  • A penetration test has been done by two security companies.
  • We've encrypted the Group-Office passwords with the PHP crypt function using a unique salt for each user so making rainbow tables is impossible.
  • For brute force attacks we recommend using Fail2ban
  • Other sensitive information in the database is two way encrypted
  • Permissions for each user are checked at each server request inside Group-Office.

Additionally, you should always use SSL encryption so that all data is send encrypted to and from the client computer to the server and you should use strong passwords and change passwords frequently. We use SSL encryption and a firewall program that blocks attackers after five failed login attempts on all available services on the server.

Group-Office Professional server version license

What are the terms of Group-Office Professional?

Can I try the professional version?

Yes, you can create a free trial for 30 days here:

Can we freely modify source code of Group-Office Professional?

The licence allows you to modify the Open-Source part of Group-Office. So you can create your own modules for Group-Office Professional. You can't modify the Professional modules. The files are encrypted and can't be modified. To get started with creating modules look at this page: Creating a module

Can I upgrade a community installation with the Professional version?

Yes, this is very easy. You just have to replace all files and run install/index.php. The installer should report that everything is fine and you can continue with the upgrade process. After that you have to install the modules at: Start menu -> Modules -> Install

What are the differences between the Professional and the Community version

The Professional version comes with more powerful modules. You can find a comparison chart here:

Does Group-Office support LDAP?

Group-Office supports LDAP user authentication out of the box but it can't modify LDAP entries. We made a custom interface for a customer once but it's not of common use yet. Contact us if you want us to customize this for you.

Read more about LDAP authentication here

How does the Ioncube encoding work? Can I use it with an internal and external IP address?

Yes, you can. When you create your license you must enter one IP and hostname If you need to run it from an internal location please send us an e-mail afterwards with the additional internal name and IP. We'll be happy to add them to the license for you.

Group-Office Professional hosting service

Where are the machines physically located on which you host customers?

We host them in a datacenter in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. They have 3 Gigabit lines from separate telecom providers. Everything is redundant and we have a 99,9% SLA.

What kind of backup and uptime do you offer?

We guarantee 99.9% uptime. We make daily backups at night and keep them for 14 days. We can restore individual files for you if you deleted it in the past 14 days.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide e-mail and forum support. For technical issues we can also provide phone support.

Can I use my own domain instead of

Yes you can. You just have to update your DNS record to point to one of our servers.

Can I get the data from the hosted service to use on another server?

Yes, the data is yours and we can provide you with the SQL database if you need it.

Technical questions / Configuration

How can I raise the maximum filesize of uploads?

First you need to configure php.ini (or /etc/apache2/conf.d/groupoffice.conf or /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/* if you installed the packages) and edit "upload_max_filesize" to the desired amount. Then edit your "config.php" file and change "max_upload_size" for the files module and "max_attachment_size" for e-mail attachment. Please be aware that for sending large e-mails you will need 3 times the amount of memory. So for 20MB attachments you'll need to set PHP's memory_limit to at least 60MB.

How van I reset a lost password in MySQL?

Edit the user record in the "go_users" table. Change the field password_type to "md5" and change the field "password" to the new password and encode it with the MD5 function. After a login Group-Office will encrypt the password to a more secure format.

How can I change the font of my emails and email templates

You can't select a font in the editor. The font is globally defined in config.php. The administrator can change the default font:

$config['$html_editor_font']="font-size:13px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;";