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Customize language

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It's possible to change any language string in Group-Office. Follow these steps if you want to translate the phrase Note to Memo for example:

  1. Open 'modules/notes/language/en.php' and lookup $l['note']='Note';, $l['name']='Notes'; and $l['notes']='Notes';.
  2. Now login as 'admin' and go to the Group-Office file manager. It only works for the user with the exact username 'admin'.
  3. Create a folder called 'lang' in the admin's folder. If you want to have multiple translations you might want to create subfolders with the iso code. Eg. lang/nl, lang/en etc.
  4. Go to that folder and select New -> Empty file and name it notes.php.
  5. Edit this document and enter:
  6. Now run the upgrade procedure so the server cache will be cleared:
  7. Observe that the notes module is now called Memos instead of Notes.

If you want to customize base language files that are not part of a module. Then call the file base_common.php for eg.

To view the available language download the language pack from your own Group-Office installation: