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The filesearch module
Advanced search

With the file search module you can deep search the contents of files. This module in combination with custom fields and the quick edit pane makes the perfect E-Discovery solution. Click on the thumbnail to view the main panel.

Group-Office can index the following file types:

  1. Microsoft Office Documents
  2. Open Document format (Open Office, LibreOffice)
  3. Saved E-mails including attachments. It does not search an IMAP server.
  4. PDF
  5. Plain text
  6. Scanned images using OCR

Next to the regular search it's also possible to create complex queries with the advanced search. Click on the thumbnail on the right to view a screenshot.

Document bundles

You can create bundles of documents to make it easier to narrow down the search. With bundles it's possible to create a sub search.


Search result can be exported as a ZIP archive, CSV and PDF.

Indexing delay

File uploads are not indexed straight away. A cron job is defined that will run every night at 1:00 am. If you want to run it more often you can adjust the "Filesearch index" task at Start menu -> Manage system tasks.

If you want to index directly after upload. You can put this in config.php:


Be warned that this may cause great delays on uploads. We don't recommend using this setting.