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Moving or backup an installation

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To move Group-Office to another server you need to backup all data files and the database.

Note: All the directories here are examples. They are probably different in your case.

Determine where the data files are stored (You can also just open config.php and lookup the value instead of using 'cat' and 'grep' on linux):

$ cat /etc/groupoffice/config.php | grep file_storage_path

Now create an archive of this path:

$ tar czf groupoffice-files.tar.gz /home/groupoffice

This command outputs the database parameters (You can also just open config.php and lookup the values instead of using 'cat' and 'grep' on linux):

$ cat config.php | grep db


Now create a dump of the database:

$ mysqldump --default-character-set=utf8 groupoffice -u groupoffice -p > groupoffice-20070813.sql

You might want to compress this file to save bandwidth:

$ tar czf groupoffice-database.tar.gz groupoffice-20070813.sql

Now we've packed up all necessary files in archives:

  1. groupoffice-files.tar.gz
  2. groupoffice-database.tar.gz

Installing the backup on the new server

First install the Debian packages or follow the manual installation for Group-Office.

Then replace the Group-Office files and database with your backups. It's probably useful to install PhpMyAdmin so you can empty the default "groupoffice-com" database on Debian easily.

Now you need to run and follow instructions to complete the install.

Good luck!