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This is not really a module. But describes how you can integrate ownCloud with Group-Office.


Works with Group-Office 4.1.73 and up and ownCloud 8.1.9.


Follow the ownCloud installation instructions:

At this time the Group-Office ownCloud app has not yet been approved. So you can't get it from their store. You can grab the source from gitHub:

Rename the "groupoffice-owncloud-master" folder to "groupoffice" and put it into the "apps" folder of ownCloud (ownCloud apps should not contain a "-").

If Group-Office is not installed in /usr/share/groupoffice add this variable to "config/config.php":


If you need to specify a Group-Office config.php location you can add:


Now you can install the Group-Office app in the app manager of ownCloud.

Forked Module

fairkom has extended the Group-Office ownCloud Module in 2013, so that it also mirrors Shared Folders. Get their module here: (as of late 2014, code has now also been merged now into the main code). Any DropBox folder mounted to GroupOffice is not being mirrored once more with ownCloud and does not show up within the Shared Folders list.


Remove the ownCloud package or sources.

User Manual


If a file or folder does not sync, then touch it in the ownCloud Web interface (e.g. change its name).

You can find the owncloud.log file in the "data" directory of ownCloud.

For ownCloud 8.2 you have to move the app "files_external" from the owncloud/apps folder, there is some unresolved conflict.