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Synchronization of address book and calendar for Thunderbird works, but you need to configure mail, contacts and the calendar separately.

You can setup your e-mail with IMAP, The addressbook with CardDAV and the calendar with CalDAV.

Contacts can be synchronized using CardDAV with the CardBook extension. See: Thunderbird setup instructions As an alternative you can also use the SoGo connector (see the forum).

If you need to categorize your addresses, you may simply use the "Notes" field, which is synced as well. Add keywords such as "friend, school, yoga". In both Thunderbird and GroupOffice you get listed only the contacts with the keywords you are searching for. Select all of the search result, click right and write an e-mail to them. You may also add a keyword to multiple items by batch editing fields. This method is not using the address filters in GroupOffice, which may become obsolete this way.

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