Group-Office 6.4 released

Merijn Schering Merijn ScheringJune 11, 2019
Group-Office 6.4 released

We're proud to announce Group-Office 6.4. In this release we've completely redesigned the address book, custom fields system settings and more!

Address book

The address book was completely redesigned with a modern look and feel. It's easier to use and integrates in other modules.

Address book CRM office

You can read more about it in the manual here

Custom filters

The address book is the first module to use the new custom filters feature. You can create reusable filters with your own conditions. They also work great in combination with custom fields.

For example you can create filters based on education:

Here's a screenshot of how you can edit the conditions:

Custom filters edit a condition

Advanced query syntax

With the new advanced query syntax you can target very specific contacts in your searches.


The newsletters module is an easy tool to manage address lists and send out newsletters. Using powerful templates you can personalise your messages.

It's built in a way it can also use different modules as source for newsletters. This way it can integrate in a custom module too.

Send email news letters with Group-Office

More information can be found in the manual

Global search

The global search has a better look and usability improvements. Using full text indexing it's also much faster on large databases.

Global search it's new look in top bar

Read more about the query syntax in the manual

Custom fields

Custom fields have been redesigned to use the new framework. Custom fields can be added as tabs to dialogs or as field sets to the main properties tab.

Custom fields manual


A feature that was widely missed in 6.3 was the user profile in the address book. This is back now in 6.4. It's an optional feature now that only will add a contact when used.

Users now have a profile page


Comments have a shiny new look:

Comments has been redesigned


Users and groups can be synchronised now.

LDAP manual

Module permissions

A widely missed feature in 6.3 was managing module permissions per user group. This is back now:

Modole permission per user group Groups permission manual

Default permissions

You can now manage the default permissions new items like calendars, address books, task lists etc. get when they are created. Default permissions manual


The bookmarks module backend has been refactored to work with the new framework.

Get started now

We hope you enjoy this new release! Get started now by following our installation or upgrade guide.

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