How to manually patch Studio-generated modules in 6.6

Joachim van de Haterd Joachim van de HaterdJanuary 24, 2022
How to manually patch Studio-generated modules in 6.6

After migrating from Group-Office 6.5 to 6.6, a number of users reported that modules generated with the studio module were triggering exceptions.

An automated correction script was released in version 6.6.26. This will help most end users. As per version 6.6.33, an administrator can try to patch studio generated modules through the CLI:

  • Open an SSH session or any other CLI session to your container or server.
  • Navigate to the Group-Office installation folder, which is commonly /usr/share/groupoffice or /usr/local/share/groupoffice.
  • Run this command with root permissions: php cli.php business/studio/Studio/patch65to66 The output will look somewhat like:
Attempting to patch package studio, module beren...
Updating module class.
Updating model classes.
Updating controller classes.
Attempt successful!

After patching, you may want to check the permissions for your studio generated modules, depending on whether you wish to do some manual tinkering or you simply wish to regenerate the code.

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