Group-Office 6.8 released

Merijn Schering Merijn ScheringSeptember 12, 2023
Group-Office 6.8 released

PHP 8.2 support

This release comes with no new features for end users. In previous versions we've been holding on to PHP 7.3 support for a long time. But as PHP 7.3 has reached the end of its life and our preferred linux distribution Debian is now stable with PHP 8.2 it was time to support it.
This meant we had to bumb the minimum supported PHP version to 8.1 too
Switching to PHP 8.1+ improves performance, stability and security. We recommend this upgrade for everyone.

For the developers this is good news. You can now use typed properties in models and all the other cool new PHP features that have been added in PHP since version 7.4.

Goodbye Ioncube, Hello SourceGuardian

We were held back in development by Ioncube for too long. They took too long to support PHP 8.1 and they entirely skipped PHP 8.0 support making some deployments more difficult. At the moment they don't have support for PHP 8.2 which is Debian Linux's default now.
That's why we had to make the switch to SourceGuardian as they are very quick in following the PHP releases. So before you upgrade you must install SourceGuardian and uninstall Ioncube (unless you need it for something else).

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