Group-Office's roadmap

Joachim van de Haterd Joachim van de HaterdAugust 29, 2023

By popular demand, we have updated our roadmap. We're happy to share our vision of the near future.

Long term developments

Since Group-Office 6.3, we have steadily been rewriting the most common Group-Office modules from our old Active Record based framework to a newer JMAP-based one. One of the biggest advantages is that the newer framework is event based, which the user can see when a certain item is being updated.

Parallel to that, the Javascript framework is being modernized as well. The old framework was built on ExtJS 3.4. This is a very old framework that is getting long in the tooth. We looked into alternatives, but in the end, we have decided to create a small TypeScript framework that fits Group-Office's needs like a tailored suit. We have dubbed it GOUI, which is short for Group-Office User Interface.

The first minor modules have been written in GOUI in the 6.7 branch.

Version 6.8

At the time of this writing, this version is on the verge of being launched. It is in testing phase and compared to 6.7, the main difference is support for PHP 8.2 .

Because we do not want to be dependent on third parties to be able to support new PHP versions, we have ditched the ionCube loader for our professional modules. Instead, we have implemented Sourceguardian. Self-hosted users who use our Professional or Billing packages can expect a migration manual soon.

6.8 is scheduled to be released "soon".

Version 6.9

This version will see the refactor of the Calendar modules to JMAP and GOUI. The views will be mobile friendly. Moreover, under the hood, the calendar module will follow the JMAP standard for calendars.

Version 6.10

Two major new features are to be launched: the projects module and the new registration module.

Since version 6.5, we have gradually pulled some functions out of the projects module into separate modules. Most notably, project jobs have been refactored into tasks. As of 6.10 projects will have been rewritten into both GOUI and our JMAP ORM, thus modernizing project management within Group-Office.

The time registration and approval modules will be merged into a new module. Most notably, the integration with leave day management will be better and the explicit dependency on projects will be dropped. One should be able to book hours on single tasks, e.g. support tasks or even activities like meetings.

Version 6.11

This version will see the refactor of our email client into our JMAP-based framework. As with the calendar module, the JMAP standard for email will be followed.

Version 6.12

The last major old-style module to be rewritten into our new frameworks, is the files module. As yet, this is scheduled for version 6.12.

Since roadmaps tend to be subject to change, we have added information on road maps to the issues section on our Github repository.

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