Group-Office Calendar module sneak preview

Merijn Schering Merijn ScheringDecember 21, 2023
Group-Office Calendar module sneak preview

Exciting News! Introducing the New Upcoming Calendar Module for Group-Office with a Fresh UI!

We have a thrilling announcement to make that will make your daily and project planning more seamless than ever before. Introducing the immensely improved Upcoming Calendar Module, now adorned with a sleek and user-friendly interface. You can find the sneak preview video here:

What's new

The new calendar will support every feature the current module does but also:

  • Mobile-friendly UI: Manage your calendar on the go with our newly optimized mobile interface. Now, you can effortlessly access and update your schedules from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Year View: Gain a broader perspective on your plans with our new year view feature. Easily navigate through long-term plans and identify key events at a glance.
  • Additional Calendar Integration: Seamlessly incorporate remote calendars into your Group-Office system by adding ICS feeds or utilizing CalDAV. Now, you can avoid compatibility issues and stay organized across multiple platforms.
  • Invite Participants: Simplify the process of inviting participants to your events. With the upgraded calendar module, you can now invite individuals without having to add them as contacts first. Collaborate effortlessly and streamline your communication.
  • JMAP API: Group-Office is evolving with the latest technology trends. We now introduce support for the JMAP API, delivering improved performance, security, and efficiency in calendar management.

Happy holidays!

We thank all the Group-Office enthusiast for supporting us throughout this year. As we welcome 2024, we wish you all the best. Be sure to stay tuned, as there are plenty of exciting developments on the horizon for Group-Office! Note: For a detailed preview of the new Upcoming Calendar Module, be sure to watch our sneak peek video linked above.

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