Enhanced workflow for adding new items

Merijn Schering Merijn ScheringJanuary 16, 2024
Enhanced workflow for adding new items

In the latest release of Group-Office 6.8, we've made significant enhancements to the contact workflow functionality. Now, when you're working on a quote, you have the ability to seamlessly create new contacts and organizations directly from the quote dialog. To fully understand this feature, please watch this video demonstration:

But that's not all! The improved workflow logic also extends to creating catalog items from a quote. To see how this works, please check out this video:

These new workflows are not limited to just quotes. We've implemented this functionality across all areas of Group-Office where you can select contacts or customers. This enhancement allows you to create contacts or customers effortlessly, saving you time and providing you with a better user experience. Experience the benefits of this improved workflow today with Group-Office 6.8!

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