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API calls

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Logging in

Here's some sample code on how to login to Group-Office with the CURL based HTTP client and get notes from the demo.


//Adjust this path to suit your needs

//not required but can be used to get CLI input params
$params = GO_Base_Util_Cli::parseArgs();

$host = '';

$httpClient = new GO_Base_Util_HttpClient();
$success = $httpClient->groupofficeLogin($host, 'demo','demo');

        throw new Exception("Could not login to Group-Office");

//Get notes
$response = $httpClient->request($host,array(


$result = json_decode($response);
//print names
foreach($result->results as $record){
   echo $record->name."<br>\n";

Browser autologin script

If you want to create some kind os single sign on solution in the browser, this script may get you started:


$user='Get the username in a very secure way!';
$pass='Get the password in a very secure way!';

GO::session()->login($user, $pass);

header('Location: /url/to/groupoffice');