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Coding Guidelines

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Coding Guidelines

Coding style

  • Files MUST use only UTF-8 without BOM for PHP code.
  • Code MUST use tabs for indenting, not spaces.
  • Class names MUST be declared in StudlyCaps.
  • Class names should be in the following format: GO_<MODULENAME>_<FOLDERNAME>_<FILENAME>
  • Class constants MUST be declared in all UPPER_CASE with underscore separators.
  • Method names MUST be declared in camelCase.
  • Property names MUST be declared in camelCase.
  • Property and Methods names MUST start with an initial underscore _ if they are private.
  • Always use `elseif` instead of else if.
  • PHP code MUST use the long <?php ?> tags; it MUST NOT use the other tag variations such as <?.
  • In case file contains PHP only it should not have trailing ?>.
  • Do not add trailing spaces to the end of the lines.


Every declared class or function should contain a docblocks header with exception of overwritten function that do not add new functionality (eg tableName(), relations())

A block should at least contain a short description

@param, @var, @property and @return must declare types as boolean, integer, string, array or null. You can use a class names as well such as GO_Base_Data_Store or GO_Base_Db_ActiveRecord. For a typed arrays use GO_Base_Model_User[]

When a function or class is deprecated the @deprecated tag should be used (Netbeans can hide all deprecated functionality in the code completion)


All models should go into the `model` folder of the module folder

The items of a model class should be in the following order:

  • Constants (eg STATUS_OK, STATUS_FAILED)
  • Properties/attributes (eg $_user, $amount)
  • Overwritten functions (eg tableName(), primairyKey(), relations()</code>)
  • Get/Set Methods (eg getUser(), setEndTime($value))
  • Functions (eg start(), close(), addItem())

If class name is not in the format GO_<MODULENAME>_Model_<FILENAME> not the the class will never be able to autoload <MODULENNAME> MUST be in Firstcaps without special characters <FILENAME> MUST be StudlyCaps


All controllers should go into the controller folder of the module

The items of a controller class should be in the following order:

  • Properties ( eg. $layout, $model)
  • Overwritten function (eg. beforeAction())
  • Actions (eg. actionSubmit($params), actionStore($params))

Controller action should only have one parameter named $parmas this is the http request its REQUEST array Controllers that will return JSON data should extend `GO_Base_Controller_AbstractJsonController`

Prevent using properties in a class, an action method is 1 script run

Prevent private methodes, use them for code that should be shared among actions. In must cased there is code in the controller that is functionality of a class.

ExtJs Views

All views should go into the views/<theme>/ folder of the module