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Talk:IMAP or LDAP authentication

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Using 3.0.2 public, I couldn't get this to work (initially). Inside the modules/ldapauth folder ....

$ grep ldap ../../config.php
$config['ldap_peopledn']='ou=People,' . $config['ldap_basedn'];
$config['ldap_groupsdn']='ou=Groups,' . $config['ldap_basedn'];

I add a dump of the modules' class_path into test.php and ldapauth is not loaded

N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/summary/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/tasks/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/imapauth/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/calendar/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/email/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/addressbook/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/notes/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/files/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/users/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/groups/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/tools/classes/
N: /www/pkg/groupoffice-test/modules/modules/classes/

Resulting in:

PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/share/pear') in /www/3rd/groupoffice/groupoffice-com-3.02-stable-3/modules/ldapauth/test.php on line 15

(I don't have imapauth enabled, but do have ldapauth enabled as admin - so this must be all modules, not loaded modules. ldapauth is not being "found"?)

Put a "print" at the top of and - imap's prints, ldap's doesn't. Hmmm.

Checked the table go_modules ... no ldapauth listed. In mysql I did:

insert values('ldapauth', 0, 9, 0, 414, 415) into go_modules;

... worked.

Only complaints so far:

  1. Email requires entering a password - should default to LDAP password.
  2. It seems the password in GO overrides that from LDAP. A failed internal auth should fall back to LDAP auth.