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Translate Group-Office

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Example: You can translate Group-Office by copying all en.php files to de.php. In this case you are translating to the German (de) language. Look up your ISO language code here:

The core language files are located in:


and for the modules:


Important! Make sure you save your files in UTF-8 encoding! Otherwise Group-Office will display garbage when you use non-ascii characters.

You must add your language to language/ to enable it in Group-Office.

Important! If the language is not loaded after you've reloaded the browser, then run "" once to clear the servercache.

Contributing your translation

It would be great if you would let other people of the Group-Office community benefit from your translation. If you send it to, your language will be put into the main distribution.

Check differences between languages

We created a script that checks differences between two languages. This way it's easy to add missing strings when a new version of Group-Office appears. When you're logged in as admin, you can run it from the browser:

The above URL will show a comparison between English (lang1) and German (lang2).

Extract language files from Group-Office

You can extract all the language files from Group-Office by logging in as admin and running the following URL in the browser:

This URL will save all English language files in a zip file called "" which you can download. It can be easily unpacked to the Group-Office root.


Files location

Holidays are defined in separate files.

These files are located in:


Add custom holidays

When you want to change the holidays inside you GO installation then you can add your own custom holiday file here.

The easiest way to do that is by copying an existing holiday file and give it a logical name.

Then add your "custom" holiday changes to that new holiday file and save it.

After that, login to your GO installation and go to "Settings->Regional Settings->Bank holidays" and choose your "new" file.